The Ballad of Flint Hannaway / Hasselblad CFV II 50C Commercial by clint hanaway



Their is no Flint Hannaway*

For those of you that follow high end camera technology it may come as no surprise that Hasselblad has been cranking out some stellar digital medium format cameras in recent years. What may surprise you is that my marketing team at DJI Creative Studio sometimes lends them a hand. It’s fun getting to work with a company like HB, I mean- they have 12 cameras on the moon.

Recently, we finished some videos for the CFV II 50C that featured a modified Ford Mustang as well as music from an artist that isn’t… completely real.

Sorry to disappoint, but Flint Hannaway is actually just a freelance composer, my name, and a stock image of a very handsome guy blended into one. We’ve got a habit of putting easter eggs in our spots, and sometimes they’re me.

Check out the commercial below!

Hasselblad proudly announces the development of the modernized CFV II 50C digital back and the brand new 907X camera body, which together will connect Hasselblad's photographic history into one system.