Clint Riding a Custom Motorcycle in DJI Shoot / Photo By Matt Roe

Clint Hanaway is a prolific Filmmaker, Photographer, Media Artist, Digital Image Technician, Post Production Systems Aficionado, and Custom Motorcycle Builder who lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Originally from Florida, he honed his technical and creative problem-solving skills at the University of Tampa, where he received a B.A. in Film & Media Production. In addition to working as a director and director of photography, Clint uses his creative and technical insight to design post production facilities, optimize media workflows, manage digital media assets, and has been a creative consultant on marketing strategies for Fortune 500 branding campaigns.

When he's not in production, Clint uses his versatile talent and eye for composition to build and customize motorcycles. In addition to being a supporting member of both The Museum of Jurassic Technology and Velaslavasay Panorama, he's been an avid supporter of independent cinema in Los Angeles by volunteering with indepentant cinemas and Cinespia.

Clint is a founding member of the band Power Couple, Digital Asset Manager for DJI Creative Studio, and a has an undeniable and insatiable love for crafting artisan pizzas.